How to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is made up of a complex set of cells and molecules that work together to protect our body from any external threat.

UV Radiation and Oxidative Stress

Sunlight brings substantial benefits to your body, but the only way to make the most of them is to increase your exposure to the sun gradually and to do it with the proper precautions, so as to prevent possible risks.

Have Your Skin Checked Before Going Out in the Sun

L’estate è arrivata e come ogni anno è arrivata anche la voglia di esporsi al sole.  Prima di farlo è necessario...

Regenerate and Brighten Your Skin

A beauty programme aimed at nourishing your skin and preparing it for sun exposure.

Skincare & Face Masks

Face masks have become indispensable tools in our everyday lives, which have been reshaped by social distancing.

Citolift: A Non-Invasive Anti-Ageing Laser Treatment

Infrared laser radiation is used in combination with highly moisturising and nourishing molecules to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin.

The Importance of Assessing your Skin Condition

The skin is one of the most important and the second largest organ of the human body.

What Is the Gut Microbiota?

The gut microbiota, commonly referred to as the gut flora, is made up of all the microorganisms living in our digestive tract.

The Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a natural gas which has been for medical purposes (in blood detoxification therapies) ever since 1870.

ristorantino long life formula
How to Reactivate Your Metabolism with a Healthy and Balanced Diet

When we hear the word “diet”, we usually think of a restrictive eating regime, with some element of punishment to it, and a reduced calorie intake.

How to Fight Anxiety and Fear and Find Your Inner Balance

In this time of uncertainty, we can easily get sucked into a spiral of negative thoughts and fears.

The Key Role of a Correct Diet Within the Long Life Formula Method

Un’alimentazione varia ed equilibrata è alla base di una vita sana in quanto fornisce tutti elementi necessari al...

Home Workout: The Perfect Fitness Routine to Boost Your Health

It is well established that regular physical activity helps improve one’s health and achieve the state of mental well-being that is particularly crucial during stressful times, like the one we’re going through.

Long Life Formula Detoxifying Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Good health starts with a balanced diet, since it is from food that our body absorbs most of the antioxidants it needs.

Try Out Our Skincare Routine and Take Care of Your Skin Every Single Day

Finding the time for yourself means loving and respecting yourself.

Strenghten Your Immune System with a Healthy Diet

The good functioning of our immune system is key to preventing infectious diseases caused both by viruses and bacteria.

Long Life Recipe: Creamy Barley Risotto with Brunoise of Spring Vegetables

A recipe rich in carbohydrates.

Long Life Recipe: Fresh Mackerel Stew with Mussels and Baby Spinach

A recipe rich in proteins.

Long Life Clinic Anti-Aging
Long Life Formula® Medical Check-Up

A day devoted to prevention, early diagnosis and a healthy lifestyle.

Long Life Recipe: Courgette Flan

A recipe rich in fibres.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 30% of all cancer cases could be prevented by improving our lifestyle.

Why Are Oxidative Stress Tests So Important?

Oxidative stress is a condition of imbalance between the production of waste molecules and our body's ability to eliminate them.

The Exfoliating and Antioxidant Properties of Fruit Acids

Fruit acids, also known as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, are particularly suitable for peels and body scrubs.

How to Treat Sun Spots

Rientrati dalle ferie con le vacanze che ormai sono un piacevole ma lontano ricordo, è arrivato l’autunno. Quale...



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