Wall Street Italy, Lifestyle - Interview Lucia Magnani THE ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE

 by Margherita Calabi - December 2020 

The managing director of the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic has always had a goal:
'creating health and well-being for a better future'

The great passion for life and for well-being led her to deepen the processes of cellular aging, a topic that over time has become the focus of her professional life and the fulcrum of the 'Long Life Formula' project. Lucia Magnani, managing director of  Lucia Magnani Health Clinic in Castrocaro Terme, it has always had one goal: to create health and well-being for a better future.

How was the Long Life Formula project born? 
“This project combines my experiences and my passions: on the professional side, my passion for biochemistry and innovation; on the personal side, the desire to create positive experiences, which derives from a very Italian and above all Romagna nature ”.

Her professional background has allowed her to coin the formula for the elixir of life ...
“I started my career studying biochemistry, I opened and managed an analysis laboratory with its medical center for ten years, after a one and a half year stop I began to look at other entrepreneurial realities.
I started working for a large holding company, GVM Care & Research [an Italian company at 100%, with over 50 hospitals, ed], making all my knowledge available.
Here in Castrocaro Terme I discovered a reality that united the world of the hotel industry with that of wellness, in the setting of a Grand Hotel with an Art Déco charm. This structure needed to be renewed, I wanted to create something new, so I developed my formula for a healthy life ".

What is the philosophy of this project?
“Its name expresses it well: Long Life Formula. The formula is basic, a chemical reaction occurs if there are two elements and if there is a catalyst; of long life because we all know that through proper nutrition, physical movement and prevention we create the conditions for a healthy life.
This project starts from an in-depth study on oxidative stress and its repercussions on the body, fighting it through targeted prevention ".

What is your vision of beauty?
“My vision of beauty is to enhance one's uniqueness through the care of one's health. Being beautiful because it feels good: it is an external beauty, which starts from within us ".

From the concept that beauty is health, it has also developed a line of products ..."I started with supplements, which are very important because they provide the antioxidants that are fundamental to regaining one's balance. Then I developed a skincare line. Later, with my researchers, we studied the concentration of antioxidants in certain Italian wines. From this experiment came Rosso Magnani, a wine with the highest concentration of antioxidants. Then came white wine, sparkling wine and extra virgin olive oil'.

At Lucia Magnani Health Clinic you can choose between seven different paths, from detoxifying to relaxing, from slimming to anti-aging, to smoking cessation. Which path is the most targeted for a businessman?
"It starts with a medical check-up followed by a nutritional examination and assessment of the physical state to create ad hoc treatments. To the businessman I suggest the 'Clean' path: he comes from a world where his performance is so high that he needs to unplug and detoxify his mind, even if only with a simple walk in the park and some targeted relaxation practices".

The clinic is built on top of thermal waters that have powerful therapeutic effects ...
“The sulphurous and salsobromo-iodine waters and muds of the Castrocaro subsoil have powerful natural therapeutic effects on the musculoskeletal, respiratory and skin systems. In our bright green waters, there is a very precious algae: chlorella, a natural anti-aging that strengthens the skin's defenses, eliminates toxins and provides antioxidants to counteract cellular aging ".

What are your next projects?
I am focusing on the study of nutrition. We are what we eat, food can also be a drug. You need to know which nutrients are good for your health, how they are stored and which foods to favor. We need to rediscover what is really important, especially in this moment in which we have understood that the fundamental things in life are the simplest ones ".

What is the element that differentiates Lucia Magnani Health Clinic from other wellness centers?
I don't like to call this structure a wellness center because here we offer a much more complete experience, thanks also to the research carried out by our doctors. I always tell all my collaborators that here there is no world that prevails over others, it is a question of balance. And it is precisely this balance that is the basis of the Long Life Formula ® project ”.