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In the small municipality of Castrocaro Terme there is a health clinic of excellence that, if in a weekend makes you feel better immediately, in a week makes you feel better again 

30 March 2022

Is it possible in just three days to do a complete check-up, learn how to walk with the right posture, relax, and return home lighter and more toned, with glowing, smooth skin? Yes, and it is not science fiction, but what happens at the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic in Castrocaro Terme, opened in October 2019. 

On arrival, the welcome and immediate comfort are already an anti-stress balm. Bright spaces, three restaurant rooms, relaxation areas, glass windows and fine materials everywhere. Highly efficient and friendly staff, with that warmth typical of the people of Romagna. 

Connected to the refined Grand Hotel Terme di Castrocaro, this wellness oasis offers spacious and elegant rooms, privacy, silence and perfect organisation. The facility is surrounded by a vast park that, in fine weather, is an irresistible invitation to go for walks or bicycle rides. 

Even with your own dog, because they are allowed and welcome here. For a first 'taste' of this rejuvenating experience, a long weekend may suffice (although a week is of course recommended for an all-round result).

It starts on Friday morning with a visit medical, abdominal and thyroid ultrasound, colour Doppler echo, blood tests, oxidative stress tests and electrocardiogram. Followed by beauty counselling (aesthetic medicine procedures are also available on request), exercise in the gym, thermal exfoliation and massage.

The following day, after breakfast (protein, carbohydrates and fruit in calibrated doses) and an hour of holistic activity in the thermal pool, you undergo a second medical session based on the results of the examinations.

At this point, the programme is tailor-made, both from a nutritional as well as a functional and aesthetic point of view. Not to be missed are the Lucia Magnani Skin Care facial treatment, the body massages (the Thai one is a must try) and the postural examination that teaches you how to walk properly in less than an hour.

The days of Saturday and Sunday are punctuated by a precise programme with treatments every hour, interrupted by two Long Life Formula snacks, this is the name of the method developed by Lucia Magnani, the creator of this paradise.

A dynamic and tireless woman, specialising in chemistry and biochemistry, she has managed the entire Terme di Castrocaro complex since 2010, where she has created the Health Clinic within it.
He is managing director of Long Life Formula srl, a company belonging to the healthcare holding GVM Care & Research.

The Long Life Formula philosophy focuses on long-life wellbeing: a scientifically based protocol formulated to combat oxidative stress and cellular ageing. Where the nutritional part is obviously of paramount importance. 

Here you find excellence in everything: professionals, hospitality, cuisine, ambience. An experience that changes your life and makes it richer' - Lucia Magnani

Carbohydrates are allowed at breakfast and lunch, and only protein and vegetables at dinner. Lucia Magnani has, consistently, developed her own line of food supplements, a food & beverage line and an anti-ageing cosmetics line all of absolute quality. There are seven classic courses to choose from: Anti-Ageing, Slimming, Rehabilitating, Revitalising, Relaxing, Invigorating, Detoxifying, designed to meet individual needs and modulated ad personam.

What they have in common is the quality of the treatments and the professionalism of the therapists.

Health pathways were also recently introduced: Re-Start post Covid to increase cardiopulmonary efficiency, Immunity to boost defences, Smoke to stop smoking.

And new this year is Happiness Route to improve mood and control anxiety, an evil that is rampant given the historical moment.

Because, as Lucia says, only 'if you are well you are happy'.

by Christine Spengler - Vanity Fair