The Benefits of Starting Meals with Vegetables

 Why do Long Life Formula meals offer Vegetables as a first course? 

Our stomach is a kind of graduated container, i.e. it adapts to the volumes of food needed, based on the nutrient and calorie concentration of the food normally taken in, for the body to be in balance.

Stomach fullness is therefore a signal from the stomach to the central nervous system indicating that the right amount of food has been consumed, activating in the brain the Centre of Satiety which induces the subject to stop eating.

Given the high nutrient and, above all, calorie concentration of modern food, quite different from the unrefined, fibre-rich food our ancestors have eaten for millions of years, if our stomachs, also as a result of the excessive distension resulting from the few main meals we take, as opposed to the many small meals of primitive times, were to be filled, as unfortunately happens all too often, to its satiety volume with only very nutrient- and calorie-rich food, we would be taking in excessive amounts of assimilable food.

This is why it is very useful to start the meal with vegetables, which, with their almost zero calorie and fat content, very low in carbohydrates and proteins and, conversely, very rich in non-assimilable fibres, fill the stomach and thus send a signal to the brain that activates the satiety centre and switches off the hunger centre.

In this way, when we then follow up the meal with food containing other nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), we will no longer be in the grip of hunger that would lead us to take in excessive amounts and we will be able to limit ourselves.

The early intake of vegetables in the meal sequence also has another effect.o. Since chewing is another signal that helps to dampen the sense of hunger, having to chew vegetables for a long time, as they normally require, provides another reason to take them as a first course.

In Long Life Formula meals, vegetables, either raw or cooked (at a low temperature) and in the appropriate quantities, depending on the personal needs of each guest, are served as a first course in lunch and dinner.

In the case of some courses, chosen according to the guest's objective, they may also be present in one or more of the other daily meals, breakfast, snack and snack.

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