Oncological Aesthetics

Oncological aesthetics is a field that specialises in offering support to cancer patients through aesthetic treatments aimed at reducing the impact of physical changes caused by therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

This discipline not only focuses on physical appearance, but also has a profound psychological impact, helping patients feel better about themselves and improve their self-esteem. Treatments offered in the field of oncological aesthetics include skin care, massages and specific treatments for the face, hands and feet.

Skin care is crucial

It is often damaged by cancer treatments, resulting in dry, irritated or itchy skin. Cosmetic products specially formulated for sensitive skin are recommended to relieve, moisturise and nourish the skin. Massage is also an important component, helping to moisturise the skin, improve circulation and provide relaxation.

The emotional and psychological aspect is crucial in this field

Hair loss, for example, is one of the most worrying physical changes for patients, making the disease more tangible. The use of natural or artificial wigs, as well as other headgear, can help manage this change. Oncological aesthetics treatments not only improve physical appearance, but also contribute to a patient's psychological resilience by addressing vulnerabilities associated with the side effects of the disease and treatments.

When it comes to oncological aesthetics, training becomes even more crucial

At the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic - Long Life Formula, we have CEPAS-certified professional aestheticians who care for people undergoing cancer therapies with specific treatment protocols. The Lucia Magnani Health Clinic offers a full range of treatments in the field of oncological aesthetics, with the aim of improving the quality of life of cancer patients. These services include a variety of specialised aesthetic treatments, such as massages, facial treatments, body treatments, hand and foot treatments. The clinic integrates these treatments within an overall approach to wellness, which also includes cosmetic medicine, skin care and general health.

We help every person, at every stage of their illness, to rediscover the pleasure of self-care and to improve their quality of life