Training body and mind with movement

AI, Artificial Intelligence in the gymnasium, with whichtrain not only the body but also and above all themind through movement.A new space concept with toolsspecific to each need, a new way oftraining that finds its solution in exercisemore effective and integrated to the progressiveimproving one's state of health orperformance, an effective method for doing evenprevention and monitoring one's health statusA new gym equipped with cutting-edge tools using artificial intelligence for a new way of training that sees exercise as the most effective and integrated solution to improving one's health, prevention and performance using the best technology. 

The Centre for Exercise and Targeted Sports Medicine espouses the philosophy and Lucia Magnani's Long Life Formula Method  and proposes a new, more personalised and scientific approach to physical activity to prevent and improve health.

The HEALTH & PERFORMANCE TRAINING CENTRE  is equipped with innovative machines thatthanks to artificial intelligence, are able to guarantee the maximum neuromuscular activationand onecorrect setting and execution of exercises.

We propose the following routes:

  • HEALTH COURSES: the Medical Training provides exercise as a 'drug', by including it in a structured and targeted manner within the treatment of disorders cardiovascular, diabetics (type 2) , osteoporosis, post covid recovery, sports re-athletisation and much more. Also the cognitive skills will be exercised through real 'brain training' that will play a key role in preventing cognitive decline and improving memory, language, speed of speech and attention.
  • FITNESS TRAILS: the Performance Training promotes exercise as a preventive tool to maintain one's level of health and psychophysical well-being with targeted equipment and training programmes such as silhouette definition, weight loss, muscle tone development, coordination, stability, and athletic preparation for specific sports.

It is possible to access the facility through individual sessions or to purchase training packages.



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