GQ Italy - lifestyle - '3 spas to try now that we need a holiday'

"Addresses where you can jump in at a moment's notice to try relaxing treatments".

21 July 2022

source GQ Italy - by Alice Abbiadati

"A path to long life at the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic in Castrocaro

Even before you walk through the door of the Health Clinic at the Grand Hotel Castrocaro, with its centuries-old park and retro interiors, you feel that you will never leave as tired, weighed down and stressed as you entered. Thanks to the The Long Life Formula®an aging protocol developed by health research by founder and Dr. Lucia Magnani. This hotel with thermal waters and mud baths with powerful beneficial properties is a true oasis of peace, the right place to embark on a journey of rebirth.

The latest innovation to be experienced is Happiness Route, a programme consistent with the philosophy of the facility developed by the team's researchers and nutritionists with the aim of accompanying people in rediscovering positive emotions, especially after sedentariness and the wrong lifestyle accentuated by prolonged lockdowns, which caused not only muscle relaxation, but also a reduction in the activity of the heart, lungs and blood vessels, and a decrease in the production of endorphins, the cause of fatigue and irritability.

In fact, everything in the Health Clinic has a personalised approach. As soon as you arrive, it's time for a check-up with the doctors, from ultrasound scans to electrocardiograms, from posture to nutrition, right up to the highlight of the haematochemical test to see the levels of oxidative stress, i.e. cellular ageing, even premature ageing, caused by the presence of free radicals circulating in the body.

Happiness Route is suitable for those who aim to regain mood benefits by combating toxins, which can be achieved through a balanced diet, physical activity and sleep-wake balance, all of which are essential for a well-functioning immune system.

For those who simply dream of relaxation of body and mind, the Relaxation Route will suit you. For those who feel particularly contracted, stressed and sleep-deprived, and wish to regain energy by rebalancing their rhythm of life, this path will help, through insights into hormonal values, respiratory dynamics and neurovegetative balance, to re-educate the body through stone and bamboo massages, rituals with a relaxing effect, and passages in thermal waters with a relaxing salt concentration."