Discover the innovative Venus Legacy® treatment in Castrocaro Terme

Venus Legacy® is the revolutionary treatment that reshapes your body, reduces cellulite and abdominal circumference, and firms the skin by eliminating wrinkles and stretch marks.

A revolution in aesthetic medicine

The innovative technology of the Venus Legacy® system makes treatment absolutely painless and with no recovery time, with superior results visible from the very first sessions.

- Non-surgical redefinition of body contours
- Cellulite reduction
- Wrinkle reduction
- Reduction in abdominal circumference
- Skin firming

How does Venus Legacy work?

The Venus Legacy® treatment is non-surgical, completely safe, painless and non-invasive, thanks to the unique 4D® technology:
- multipolar radio frequencies (RF)
- pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF)
- endodermic massage with VariPulse® (VP) system
- real-time temperature control

These combined technologies generate a concentrated heat source capable of reaching tissues at different depths, improving microcirculation, promoting lymphatic drainage and inducing lipolysis in the treated areas.

Come and try the Venus Legacy treatment at the Lucia Magnani Health Clinic Long life Formula in Castrocaro Terme